Have you handed out copies of your key to many people, and now you feel insecure about the safety of your house? Hiring a locksmith to rekey your door can be costly. Here’s how you can actually do this on your own. A Complete Guide to rekeying a doorknob lock.


Understand How A Lock Works

You need to ensure that the hired locksmith for homes understands how locks work to ensure that the rekeying process is successful. Keyed locks have a plug with two pins called the driver and key pins.

Inserting a key into the plug forces the pins to move up and down at different heights. The driver pins are attached to springs and are of the same length. This set of pins is not replaced during the rekeying process by locksmiths.

On the other hand, the key pins are of different sizes and are replaced during the rekeying process.

For a new key to be compatible with the lock, locksmiths disassemble the lock to replace the pins with ones that pair with the cuts in the new key.

Hiring a locksmith in Orlando is recommended as doing it yourself might damage the lock leading to more expenses. Here is how expert locksmiths do it.


Remove The Knob

After hiring the residential locksmith services, the locksmith removes the knob from the door by aligning the holes in the cylinder by either inserting the key and turning it a quarter turn to the right or turning the knob counterclockwise while holding it.

Once the alignment is done, the remover tool is inserted and pressed, causing the knob to pop off the shank. The locksmith in Orlando should have all the tools required to perform this task.


Remove The Cylinder

After removing the knob from the door, the next step is to remove the cylinder, which is freely pushed from front to back to remove it. Some knobs have caps on the back. These caps need to be removed using the appropriate tools before removing the cylinder.


Push The Clip Ring Off

The locksmith then removes the C-clip that holds the Cylinder in place.


Attach Key Plug

Locksmith in Orlando removes the key plug from the housing, and the key is then attached to the back of the cylinder. The key is inserted and the cylinder plug is pushed out of the cylinder.

It is the most challenging part of the process; therefore, hiring the best residential locksmith services is necessary for the rekeying process to anticipate any challenges. Constant pressure is applied between the plug and the follower to prevent the pins from popping out.


Insert The New Pins And Reassemble The Lock

The old pins are disposed of and replaced with the new ones following the kit’s instructions. The plug is then replaced into the cylinder while slowly pushing out the follower simultaneously, and the clip ring snapped back on the cylinder.

The locksmiths then insert the cylinder back into the knob and reattach the knob to the door. The lock is then tested to ensure it’s working correctly.

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