We all want our premises to be secure, whether residential or commercial. Locksmiths are more than just fixing or replacing a lock. Today commercial and residential locksmiths undergo training to ensure that properties are secure and robust.

There are some differences between locks installed in a home and those that a business might use. These will be the determining factors in the type of locksmith that you choose. Both residential and commercial locksmiths have the expertise and skills to handle different locks.


Choosing the right locksmith

You need to understand the type of locksmith required for the job. Before calling a locksmith to your business or home, ask what they specialize in; this will save you time and money. Vetting locksmiths for homes or businesses is important to secure your home or business premise.

Some locksmiths may deceive you into believing that they have the necessary skill set to do the job and make quick money. To ensure that you are not taken for a ride, it is advisable to hire a licensed and insured locksmith. The locksmiths at All American locksmith have the right skill sets and are ensured to act as a locksmith for homes and commercial locksmiths.


Residential Locksmiths

Locksmiths for homes focus their efforts on individual needs. Whether a client wants to switch out locks used by a previous occupant, a client has locked themselves out of their home, or the customer wants a new set of keys. A residential locksmith will be the type to call.

Residential locksmith service is simple, although still secure. They are not as complex as commercial locksmiths. Some residential locksmiths offer a wide range of services, such as master keys and multiple locks. However, most locksmiths for homes deal with the occasional key cut for a house guest, roommate, or child who is now old enough to have their own set.


Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths deal in more sophisticated features and complex locks. Moreover, they have the expertise to handle master keys, key duplication, and industrial doors. Commercial premises have more people coming in and out; thus, they need more security and, at the same time, have access to the right people.

Depending on the security level of the business, the locks in certain areas will need to be changed once an employee leaves an organization. Not all the locks in a commercial building are for security purposes. Panic bars are a legal requirement in some business organizations. These are devices to ensure employees exit the building safely in an emergency.

Nothing is more important than knowing that your home or business is protected by the latest security devices, locks, and systems. It is your property, and your mind should be at ease knowing that It’s safe. At All American Locksmith, we pride ourselves on our expert technicians. When you need a locksmith in Orlando, you know who to call for your residential or commercial property.