Locksmiths recommend that you rekey your deadbolt locks after moving into a new home. When you rekey a lock, you alter it so that the old key cannot open it. You, therefore, need a new key for the locks to open.

Rekeying your deadbolt locks ensures that you are the only one with a key to your home, and you can give it to people you trust. Here is a guide on how to rekey your deadbolt locks:


The Step By Step Process Of Rekeying A Deadbolt Lock: Like Residential Locksmiths

  • Unmounting The Lock

A good locksmith for homes will first unscrew the lock from the inside of the door to remove the deadbolt from the door where it was previously housed. Keep the key in the lock without rotating it.

  • Remove the cylinder

To remove the cylinder from its housing, the locksmith in Orlando will remove the cylinder cap, pin, and spring. Ensure that you remove the cylinder from the inside of the door.

  • Separating The Lock Housing From The Cylinder

The residential locksmith services will then rotate the key to 45 degrees to the right, and using your follower bar (a tool used by locksmiths to disassemble and assemble the cylinder), separate the deadbolt from the cylinder. Ensure that you leave the follower tube in to secure the springs and the pins.

  • Replace The Pins And Cap

Remove the old pins from the cylinder, and replace the new pins, each in its specific place. This is crucial; every pin has its specific numbered hole. Ensure you insert them correctly.

Also, replace the end cap onto the cylinder.

  • Rehousing The Cylinder

The locksmith for homes will put everything in its place, and continue to use the follower tube to return the cylinder into the deadbolt lock housing. Extract the new key you will use for the new lock system.

  • Fasten The Springs 

Once the cylinder is back on the lock housing, it’s time to put the springs and pins back in the cylinder.

  • Remounting

At this point, you can test whether the new key is working fine and then mount the deadbolt lock back to the door.


Why Do You Need Locksmiths For The Rekeying Process?

They Have The Tools

While the process may seem easy using the steps above, you need professional residential locksmith services to ensure that you do it right.

A locksmith for homes will come armed with the tools such as the follower tube to remove locks and pins. They also know how to use the tools, making the process safe and fast.


Locksmiths Can Examine Your Door

A locksmith in Orlando will examine your door before rekeying your deadbolt lock. They can tell how weak or strong your door frame is and what kind of action you should take to repair or reinforce it for maximum safety.


Residential Locksmiths Know When To Rekey Locks

Not all deadbolt locks can be rekeyed. Remember that when rekeying, the lock remains the same. However, some locks may be too old for rekeying, and the locksmith for your home will recommend lock replacement for more security and durability.


Why All American Locksmith For Residential Locksmith Services?

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