If your patio door lock is jammed, and you don’t know how to fix it, let the professional locksmiths handle this for you. Patio door lock issues are common because people use doors a lot, moving in and out of the house to the patio.

To ensure that you and your loved ones are safe, avoid leaving the patio door unrepaired if it won’t lock.

Find a good locksmith for homes to repair this for you.


Here’s How A Good Locksmith in Orlando Repairs Patio Doors

In most cases, when your patio door lock is not working, you will not be required to do an entire lock replacement. A simple repair will do. Residential locksmith services will follow this procedure:


Open The Sliding Door

The first step a locksmith for homes will do is to open the sliding door.  This will unlock the door from the inside by tilting the round lock inside the door.


Removing Debris

Sometimes, dust and tiny objects in the lock can cause it to jam. Therefore, the first course of action that locksmiths take is to clear any debris by directing a jet of compressed air in a can to force out anything that shouldn’t be in the lock.


Lubrication Of The Door Edge

If you are having trouble locking your door, the professional residential locksmith services will then spray some lubricant on the door edge, at the lock area, and after about a minute, they will try to lock the door.

The knob shall be moved from side to side in order to watch whether it will lock due to the lubrication in the latch, which allows for retraction in the latch.


Loosening The Lock Housing Screws

Locksmiths know that when you loosen the screws on the lock plate, the plate will move up and down inside the housing.

They will then ensure that they turn the screws to your right to loosen them and try to observe the lock’s movement as they nearly close your door.


Positioning The Lock

After observing the position of the lock, the locksmith for homes will then adjust the lock plate to ensure that the lock sits at the center of the strike plate. When the lock is in place, they will then go on to tighten the screws to your right in order to hold the latch plate in place.


Testing The Lock

The residential locksmith service is not done yet.

The next step is to give the door a try; all locksmiths do. Therefore, they will try closing the patio door, ensuring that the knob is at the lock position. Once locked, they will try pulling the door without unlocking it.

The door should not be open or slid back open in the locked position. If it stays locked, then, they did the job right!


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While you can do some of the fixings by yourself just like our locksmiths do, working with a locksmith in Orlando is a better option

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