Locksmiths do a great job of helping you secure important documents from intruders. Filing cabinet locks do not only help protect documents from intruders but also toddlers and nosy guests.

Imagine coming home to your toddler shredding copies of your birth certificates, contracts or leases. Installing a lock is an easy way of avoiding such a scenario once and for all.

Here is a detailed guide of how the best residential locksmith services install filing cabinet locks in your home:


Step-By-Step Guide

  • Clear And Remove The Top Drawer 

The first step a locksmith for homes does is to clear your working area. Since they will install the lock at the top from the inside of the drawer, they will have to clear the drawer so they can remove it to give you room.

If you are looking to install a lock covering rows of cabinets together, then, they only have to clear the top drawer and remove it. To remove the top drawer, they will slide it out, and remove it from the cradle on which it is assembled.

  • Find The Knockout

On the top right corner of the cabinet’s top side, there is an area you can either cut out or is already cut out to allow for a lock installation. Any Locksmith in Orlando would recommend that this area be cut out in order to ensure that your lock will fit.

However, if there is already a knockout that will perfectly suit your lock, no need to cut anything.

  • Position The Cylinder

Once you have a good hole to fit your lock, they will then insert the cylinder through the hole, ensuring its bolt is facing upward.

  • Insert Your Key

They will then insert the key. According to the best locksmith for homes, they should rotate the key at a 45-degree angle, or, as many would refer to it, as a 2 o’clock angle.

  • Hold The Cylinder In Place

While still holding the cylinder with your right hand, the locksmith in Orlando will place the retaining clip on the inside of the cabinet. They must ensure that the key is still rotated as they install the clip.

Slide the retaining clip against the cabinet wall towards the cylinder, and place it over the cylinder to hold it in position.

  • Installing The Linkage Piece

In the hole on the cylinder bolt, the locksmith in Orlando will insert the linkage piece and tilt it downwards using the lock hole as a pivot. They will then place the other end of the linkage piece on the right side wall of the cabinet to secure it.

  • Test Time!

Next is to turn the key into its locking position, and then check that other rows of drawers are locked. This means that the lock is well installed.

You can now place the top drawer back in place.


Do You Need An Expert Locksmith In Orlando?

Working with trusted locksmiths ensures that you have a perfectly done job. All American Locksmiths can help you with your cabinet lock installation. Keep your documents safe and secure with our residential locksmith services today!